About the company

Cia Nadine Gerspacher is a international project serving as a creative platform for the company´s own creations, as well as for collaborations with other artists and commissioned choreographic works for dance institutions and other companies.


Nadine’s penchant is dance theatre inspired by “everyday life”. As a choreographer she conceives and brings to life characters inside imaginative worlds where absurdity, poetry, and unfiltered physicality come together in a narrative way. 

Grotesque moments filled with humor, vulnerability and transformation play essential themes in her pieces. The repertory invites the audience to engage emotionally and to connect to  compelling scenes within the works, regardless of their familiarity with contemporary dance.


Storytelling is the central interest of Nadine´s creations. Exploring human relationships and the truths / experiences of humanity are the fundamental to her work. Character development: Nadine´s process puts emphasis on inventing characters and defining personalities through investigating/ researching  movement and its relation to everyday life :  How does this person walk, (i. e. talk , gesture …)? How does emotion transform the movement?  Where is the movement coming from?  What is the intention of it ?

Working on gesture/physical  details, action/reaction, instinct , adding emotions on abstract movements and always giving space for vulnerability, fragility but also strength and brutality.


Nadine encourages spontaneity in the creation process. Her choreography draws on relevant and current themes. The play of contrasts and extremes are essential to her creation methods. Nadine fosters collaboration in the studio, offering the opportunity for dancers to be actively engaged in the creation process and to bring their own knowledge and experience into the process. She enjoys getting to know the dancers, creating with them and developing special roles for character work. Each piece represents the personal and collective essence, created by Nadine and the dancers.